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Bremer Bay

  1. Bremer Bay offers plenty of actual beach driving, steep access tracks and dune systems to relatively easy bush tracks. Areas to the east of the town could be closed during winter.
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  3. Nearest service:Bremer Bay CaravansFuelAccomadation
  4. Distance from Perth: Bremer Bay townsite 503km
  5. Track Length: 125km
  6. tides for fishing Mary Ann Haven
  7. StreetSmart®Travellers Atlas 9th Edition Map: Map: 24 Grid Ref: D 3
  8. Roads and Tracks Western Australia 2005 Map:10a Grid Ref: B 4

The township of Bremer Bay lies on the Bremer River. Access to the Gordon Inlet,Peppermint Beach Tooregullup Beach that are to the east of the town involves crossing the sand bar. The beginning of Gordon Inlet rd starts at the trees area on the other side of the sand bar. The road itself is gravel and eventually runs into a 4wd track that will take you to the Gairdner River mouth.
The river mouth track is quite easy to negotiate. As you proceed along here you will come across a shack, where it is probably a good idea to let your tyres as continuing further takes you onto the approach track that changes to soft white dune sand with bends and small hills. There are also 2 sidetracks off Gordon Inlet rd that allow you to connect to a 4wd track (very easy) that follows the inlet/river back to Gairdner rd.

BB008, -34.393130, 119.398090 Bremer River sand bar(summer)
Bremer River sand bar(summer)
Further upstream (Gordon Inlet)
Further upstream (Gordon Inlet)
BB132, -34.356400, 119.505490 Looking along Tooregullup Beach towards Mid Mt Barren
Looking along Tooregullup
Beach towards Mid Mt Barren
BB138, -34.376670, 119.533950 Easy access to Whalebone Beach
Easy access to
Whalebone Beach
BB143, -34.386750, 119.492110 Peppermint Beach looking south
Peppermint Beach
looking south

Doubtful Islands rd is similar to Gordon Inlet rd and will take you to the Peppermint, House and Whalebone beaches. There are Salmon fishing camps at House and Whalebone beaches. Peppermint beach has camping areas along the track. The tracks around here are easy forestry tracks though the access to the beaches may require that you let your tyres down.

BB036, -34.449240, 119.377890 Blossoms Beach looking back Dillions Beach
Blossoms Beach looking back at Dillions Beach
BB017, -34.441380, 119.371760 Taken from the high point of the area
Taken from the high point of the area BB17
BB024, -34.469660, 119.364270 Little Boatharbour diving trail
Little Boatharbour diving trail

The area out towards Point Henry has very easy access to Blossoms Beach. There is no vehicle access to Short Beach. All the other tracks out to the point are sandy/rocky terrain and very easy to negotiate. The coastline is generally elevated granite sloping to the ocean.
The access track that lays at the end of Black Rock rd provides 2 actual ways onto Dillion Beach. The first at BB45 and and the second at BB44. BB44 can form a steep drop to beach level sometimes due to the actions of the tides and swell.

BB019, -34.440970, 119.396710 Short Beach no vehicle access
Short Beach no vehicle access

BB029, -34.482220, 119.373420 Typical terrain Point Henry
Typical terrain Point Henry

BB038, -34.455200, 119.361810 Blossoms Beach carpark
Blossoms Beach carpark

Dillion Beach can be accessed via a track that runs thru private property (conditions apply) at the end of Dillion Bay rd. You can also access the eastern end of the beach from Black Rock rd. Both tracks and the beach are best travelled with low tyre pressures.
There is a small headland at BB55 that entails negotiating a elevated rocky track to access BB56. The track off the beach at BB56 has a rough hill climb that may draw attention to your vehicles ground clearance.

BB044, -34.445680, 119.345560 Beach access at Dillion Beach eastern end
Beach access at Dillion
Beach eastern end

BB046, -34.446860, 119.348310 Looking over Dillion Beach
Looking over Dillion Beach*

Stream Beach is a very picturesque place and means tackling a steep sandy track (500m) that follows a gully between two hills. Fosters is an excellent surf fishing beach. Finding you way onto Fosters Beach can be tricky due to the fact the dune area is moving and the actual position of the track may change.
The access point that we found actually pointed in the opposite direction to our direction of travel in. Around the track/dune area the bush consists of small trees and as you move towards BB62 changes to a tight track with harsh scrub right up to the sides, eventually getting worse and ending in a cul-de-sac.
Navigating thru the dune area can be hazardous for the unwary, though keeping the bush within sight on your right will bring you to a defined track that will take you down to the beach between two hills. There is another track off the beach at the western end and this is very sandy and steep. Though we did not travel this, an enquiry to a local pointed out that it exits/starts at the two strainer posts within the first 1.5km in and could possibly be called Minarup rd.

BB057, -34.469500, 119.269780 Rough hill climb
Rough hill climb BB57

BB059, -34.484730, 119.274950 Stream Beach has a very steep track for 500m
Stream Beach has a
very steep track for 500m

BB065, -34.499280, 119.238320 Fosters beach descent
Fosters beach descent

Reef Beach can be accessed via Reef Beach rd or Warramurrup rd. Warramurrup rd starts out as gravel and runs into a sandy track. The descent to the beach is steep with thick vegetation right up to the sides of the track, making passing oncoming traffic near on impossible.
Reef Beach rd is the better choice as it consists of gravel,limestone and sandy sections. Reef Beach rd could also be affected by heavy rains judging by the wash outs. The beach itself is also very soft and will require low tyre pressures.

Fosters Beach
Fosters Beach

Fosters Beach
Fosters Beach

BB067, -34.486040, 119.181800 Alternate access track
Alternate access track BB67

Reef Beach
Reef Beach

Reef Beach
Reef Beach

Offshore reef
Offshore reef (Reef Beach)
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