Exploring @ the Gascoyne


  1. S Bend
  2. Kennedy Ranges

  3. Mt Augustus has a good dirt road from Gascoyne Junction or Minilya Roadhouse. The eastern side of the Kennedy Ranges is also a good dirt road from Gascoyne Junction. The western side of the Ranges is only accessible by 4WD and entails crossing the Gascoyne River. The bush tracks vary from red dirt to stony, sharp terrain.
  4. Contact: DPAW Geraldton 08 9964 0901 Kennedy Ranges Mt Augustas 4wd Only Campsites at Moores Hut and Fishermans Hut
  5. Nearest service: Gascoyne Junction Caravans Fuel Accomadation
  6. Road Reports Upper Gascoyne
  7. Distance from Perth: Gascoyne Junction 1060 km
    Gascoyne to Kennedy Ranges (east) 70 km
    Gascoyne to Mt Augustus 354 km
    Gascoyne to Gascoyne Riverbank Kennedy Range KR07 (west) 38 km
  8. Kennedy Range (west) 46 km
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