Camping along the Holland Track

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Holland Track

  1. An easy track to negoiate in the dry months, though during the winter it will become impassable. There are a lot of bog holes which predominatley occur at the N/E end and S/W sections after the Bounty Gold Mine.
  2. Contact: DEC Kalgoorlie 8 9080 5555 32 Brookman Street Kalgoolie See more at the Parks and Wildlife website 4wd Only Campsites Points of Interest
  3. Nearest service: Coolgardie 558km / Hyden 339 km Fuel Caravans FuelAccomadation
  4. Distance from Perth: Coolgardie(558km) then to HT01 80km
  5. Track Length: Coolgardie to Hyden 410km
  6. StreetSmart®Travellers Atlas 9th Edition Map: 81 Grid Ref: D / 1
  7. Roads and Tracks Western Australia 2005

The track is well sign posted at HT01 which veers off Queen Victoria Road. At the first junction turning right will take you to Thursday Rock and give you an indication of what to expect with regards to track conditions.
Heading S/W and onto Diamond Rock is fairly easy as the track runs through sandy soils except for the area between HT17 and HT31 where there are a series of bogholes.

HT05, -31.533164, 120.634744,Thursday Rock
HT05 Thursday Rock
HT03, -31.542354, 120.620708,Bog hole
HT03 Typical track
HT06, -31.545909, 120.606380,Small salt lake
HT06 Small salt lake
HT08, -31.590767, 120.558012,Diamond Rock
HT08 Diamond Rock
HT11, -31.654707, 120.498841,Trees
HT11 Typical track
HT14, -31.704562, 120.414333,Newbey Rocks
HT14 Newbey Rocks
HT13, -31.685146, 120.450608,Camping
HT13 Camping
HT19, -31.790874, 120.335820,Boghole
HT19 Diff scrape (low clearance)*
HT20, -31.797038, 120.323917,Campsite
HT20 Campsite

Most of the bogholes have a detour track around them. There are one or two down near the mines that don,t. A camper trailer may be alright in the summer/spring months but will get you into trouble if it rains. Do some further research if you intend to take a trailer. The section of track from HT20 to the Barrier Spur is fairly easy going except for some minor muddy sections (HT31 / 25) There are also a lot of large campsite areas along this stretch

HT23, -31.821185, 120.283696,Campsite
HT23 Elevated campsite
HT25, -31.839384, 120.242424,Bogholes
HT25 Bogholes
HT27, -31.877489, 120.187736 ,Campsite

After the Barrier Spur you will come to a sidetrack (HT36) that will take you to Sandalwood Rocks, which is about a 1KM detour. Continuing along that track will bring back to Holland Track (HT39)

HT37, -32.028370, 119.955440, Sandalwood Rocks
HT37 Sandalwood Rocks
HT30, -31.905411, 120.139901 Typical track
HT30 Typical track
HT35, -32.023382, 120.007466, Barrier spur
HT35 Barrier spur

After Sandalwood Rocks the Mallee Fowl could be seen if your lucky. The tracks around the Bounty Mine and Forrestonia Southern Cross road can be muddy gravel with washouts at some spots in winter. There is a very good campsite that is elevated at HT41.

Malle Fowl
Malle Fowl
HT40, -32.142012, 119.797430, Bogholes
HT40 Typical track
HT41, -32.153515, 119.798191, Elevated campsite
HT41 Elevated campsite

Leaving the mines proximity you will come to Wattle, Native and Sheoak Rocks. After these points the track crosses the Hyden Norseman road and then through the State Barrier fence (HT55). After Emu Rocks (HT56) the tracks becomes a formed gravel road.

HT54, -32.420227, 119.454404, Rockpool
HT54 Rock pool
HT55, -32.440850, 119.433232,State Barrier fence
HT55 State Barrier fence
HT56, -32.452609, 119.421549,Emu Rock
HT56 Emu Rock plaque
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