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Track and trail conditions and updates, Trail closures by the Department of Parks and Wildlife
  • Warren National Park update

    Parks and Wildlife advises that the Heartbreak Trail in the Warren National Park is reopened. 

    Big Brook Arboretum Campground remains closed due to inundation. 

    The District will monitor the condition and will provide further advise as conditions improve.

    For further information please contact the Parks and Wildlife Donnelly District office in Pemberton on (08) 9776 1207.

  • Seasonal Closure of Mitchell River National Park

    Parks and Wildlife advises that Mitchell River National Park will be closed for the season from 10 October 2016.

    For further information please contact Parks and Wildlife East Kimberley District office in Kununurra on (08) 9168 4200.

  • Cape Arid National Park closed

    The Department of Parks and Wildlife wishes to advise that Cape Arid National Park access road, Thomas River Road, has been closed as a result of heavy and continuous rain.

    Parks and Wildlife will be assessing the conditions and will provide further advise when the park is reopened

    Parks and Wildlife apologises for any inconvenience the closure may cause.

    For further information please contact Esperance District office on (08) 9083 2100.

  • Unsealed roads and tracks conditions within the Esperance District

    Unsealed roads and tracks conditions within the Esperance District for Peak Charles, Stokes and Cape Arid national parks and surrounding Nuytsland Nature Reserve have been affected by ongoing winter rain fall  with a large rainfall event over the past weekend adding to the already wet unsealed road conditions across the district from recent previous cold front rainfall events.

    Most unsealed roads within the district are wet and slippery, with some standing water causing both safety and environmental concerns. The Department has closed the roads listed below until drying conditions prevail.

    For safety reasons and die back disease spread risk, Parks and Wildlife has temporarily closed the following:

    Cape Arid National park/Nuytsland Nature Reserve

    • Poison Creek Road
    • Thomas Fishery Track
    • Pasley Track
    • Telegraph Tracks and all public access tracks off these roads. This will result in campsites/day use areas at Thomas Fishery being closed until further notice.

    Access to Peak Charles National  Park and   Mt Ragged in Cape Arid National Park  is likely to be affected as well and Parks and Wildlife advises for those planning to travel to these area , that they reconsider travel plans as the access roads and tracks, (Peak Charles, Balladonia and Gora) are likely to be impassable in that area for some time.

    Stokes National Park

    • Young River Track

    Other tracks and roads may be closed as conditions are not expected to moderate until drying conditions ensue. Parks and Wildlife urges the public check on road conditions and be mindful of the current conditions and if in doubt check with the Esperance Tourist Bureau, Esperance Shire  or Parks and Wildlife Esperance for any updates on road conditions.

  • Temporary closure of Steep Point – Edel Land (Proposed) National Park

    Parks and Wildlife would like to advise that due to planned roadworks to the Steep Point four wheel drive track there will be no access to this area from 1 to 31 August 2016.

    Parks and Wildlife apologises for any inconvenience The closure may cause.

    Further enquiries should be directed to the Parks and Wildlife office in Denham on (08) 9948 2226.

  • Fisherman’s Track in D’Entrecasteaux National Park closed

    The Department of Parks and Wildlife would like to advise that Fisherman’s Track to the Broke Inlet in the D’Entrecasteaux National Park, Walpole within the Frankland District will be closed from Wednesday 29 June 2016 until further notice.

    For more information on the closure, please contact Parks and Wildlife’s Frankland District office in Walpole on (08) 9840 0400.

  • Seasonal closure of Lennard Track in Wellington National Park

    The Lennard Track including access via River Road, Sailors Gully and the Jumpup are closed.

    Seasonal closure is due to recent rains, where further vehicle activity will cause unnecessary environmental damage to the track.

    For further information please contact the Parks and Wildlife Wellington District office in Collie on (08) 9735 1988.

  • Crocodiles inhabiting waterways on the remote Kimberley Coast

    Parks and Wildlife is providing this advice as a community service.

    The public should be aware that due to the remoteness of the Kimberley coast, the Department cannot be relied upon to provide up to date and comprehensive information regarding the presence of estuarine crocodiles across the region. PleaseBe CROCWISE

         Crocodiles inhabit a wide variety of inland and coastal waterways and water bodies across northern Australia, both fresh and saltwater, including estuaries, tidal rivers, river pools, creeks and the waters around offshore islands. Crocodiles have the ability to, and in some areas frequently enter freshwater pools above the high tide.

         If in doubt exercise extreme caution around the water’s edge, do not swim, canoe or use small boats where crocodiles may inhabit.

         Always keep a lookout for crocodiles. Be aware that a crocodile can remain hidden underwater for long periods and even if surfacing may go unnoticed.

         Don’t feed, harass, encourage or try to interact with crocodiles as this behaviour is likely to encourage aggressive behaviour which may also increase the level of risk for other visitors.

    For more information please go toBe CROCWISE.

    Should you encounter or observe any unusual crocodile behaviour please report this to the relevant Parks and Wildlife office at your earliest possible convenience; Broome (08) 9195 5500 or Kununurra (08) 9168 4200.

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