Cosy Corner & Bobs Hollow

  1. Bobs Hollow Map
  2. (Jan 16) There is a bit of erosion on the track at Cosy Corner after heavy rains exposing some limestone jump ups. Boranup Forest & Bobs Hollow consist of easy forestry tracks that will require ground clearance. Cosy Corner consists of hard coastal tracks with a couple of soft sections that present no problem.
  3. Contact: DPaW Busselton Phone: (0)8 9752 5555 DPaW Parks and Wildlife Cosy Corner
    DPaW Parks and Wildlife Boranup Campsite
    DPaW Parks and Wildlife Point Road Campsite
    4WD Tracks Dangerous coastline Fishing Beaches
  4. Nearest service:Margaret River Fuel
  5. Track Length: 52km
  6. Tides for fishing Hamelin Bay
  7. Distance from Perth: Bobs Hollow rd & Caves rd 13.5 km
    Boranup Drive (north) & Caves rd 20.5
    Cosy Corner road & track entry 39.3km
  8. StreetSmart®Travellers Atlas 9th Edition Map: 15 Grid Ref: B / 5 & B / 2/4
  9. Roads and Tracks Western Australia 2005 Map:12 Grid Ref: D 5

Boranup Forest is actually part of the Leeuwin National Park and is tall timber country. The main reason for having a 4wd here is the steep descents and the ground clearance required to get over the diversion banks. These are in place to protect the track from the run-off after the winter rains.
The lookout provides a magnificent view of the surrounding area. There is a camping ground just off Conto rd. Just before the intersection of Georgette and Point rd there are also camping and picnic facilities here in a bush setting.

Hooley, Boranup & Grace rds are all steep hill climbs and very easy to negotiate. Trig rd can be a bit tight to begin with at the Grace rd end, but is a good shortcut across to North Point. Not a full on 4wd track system though the Salmon fishing can be quite good north of Hamelin Bay in season.

If you camp at the Point Rd camp site be aware that the local possums come out at night. They can rummage through your gear and even the back of a ute, make sure every thing is secure.

Point Rd campsite possums
Point Rd campsite possums
Point Rd campsite possums
Point Rd campsite possums
Looking south of Cape Freycient
Looking south of Cape Freycient
BH07, -34.053700, 115.000080 Looking towards Iscacs Rocks
Looking north
BH05, -34.054770, 115.000830 Plenty of parking here
Typical terrain
BH04, -34.062590, 115.000370 Looking towards The Fishing Place from Connelly Cave carpark.
Connelly Cave beach

The Bobs Hollow track is an easy track to negotiate except for the bloody rocks that are littered along the track as you approach the coast. The most comfortable course of travel is along Bobs Hollow rd (BH01). This track starts about 1.9km south of Calgardup rd.
The entry point at BH09 is by a National Park sign, although not a rough track, into the coast it is flanked by prickly scrub right up to the side of the track. The southern fork(BH08) to Bobs Hollow also is littered with rocks. The Connelly Cave track also has rough outcrops also. The rocky outcrops may present problems to vehicles with low ground clearance.

CC07, -34.258310, 115.034010 Looking along the beach back towards Cosy Corner carpark (CC18)
Cosy Corner beach
CC09, -34.264580, 115.037720 Elephant Rock taken from the track
Elephant Rock
CC12, -34.265860, 115.034740 Looking along the rock ledge towards CC07
Elevated platforms*

There are 2 tracks along the Cosy Corner rd. The first (CC02) will take you to a rest area (CC19). Traveling to the end brings you to a dead end (CC20 in sight of Deepdene Beach. There is only walking access from this point.
The second track (CC03) will take you to Elephant Rock and Deepdene Beach. The first junction (CC05) takes you to Cosy Corner beach. The track can be soft and has a section that needs some ground clearance to get over the woop-de-doos at CC06. There is only walking access to the beach.
Traveling further onto Elephant Rock is quite easy. There is soft section at CC10, although a fork in the track enables you to detour around it. Turning south at CC11 will take you to Deepdene Beach. Coming back to the bumpy section at CC13 is the only obstacle.

CC13, -34.268950, 115.038170 About as difficult as it gets
Track conditions
CC14, -34.270240, 115.039380 Deepdene Beach
Deepdene Beach
CC14, -34.270240, 115.039380 Cape Leewuin lighthouse
Cape Leeuwin lighthouse

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