Peaceful Bay & the Blue Holes

  1. Peaceful Bay Map
  2. Peaceful Bay is a small pristine area of the coast with a caravan park & excellent access to the surrounding coastline. The Irwin Inlet is also just down the road. The Blue Holes also known as Bellanger Beach is in the Walpole National Park and offers excellent beach fishing.
  3. Contact: DPaW Albany 9842 4500 4WD Tracks Fishing Beach Whale watching @ Conspicuous Cliffs
  4. Nearest service: Peaceful Bay Caravan Park Caravan Fuel Chalets Boat launching @ Peaceful Bay
  5. Track Length: Peaceful Bay 20 km Blue Holes 13 km
  6. Windy Harbour tides for fishing Windy Harbour
  7. Distance from Perth: Peaceful Bay Caravan Park 446km
  8. StreetSmart�Travellers Atlas 9th Edition Map: 16 Grid Ref: A 4
  9. Roads and Tracks Western Australia 2005 Map:1 A Grid Ref: D 2

There are 3 tracks that you can access at Peaceful Bay, these are--> Rame Head rd PB05, The Gap PB23, Soft Beach PB59

PB19, -35.048199, 116.868197 Take from the PB19 that entails crawling over the rocks to reach the second beach
Rame Head

The track over the rocks is just to the right of the photo
First beach rocks

PB19, -35.048199, 116.868197 Looking at back at The Channels from PB19
Looking back at The Channels

The Rame Head track is black sugar sand and has rubber matting spiked into the ground at all the difficult spots. As you descend to the junction at P17, the track is in very good condition and will bring you onto a small beach. From here you will have to travel along the beach until you follow the track over the rocks(PB19) to access the 2nd beach.
The descent on the other side of PB19 may not be suitable for vehicles with low ground clearance. There is a small parking area at the top of the track where the above photo was taken (PB19). It is approximately a 650m walk from here. Driving along the 2nd beach will bring you to the rocks at PB20. Rame Head is about a 350m walk from here.

PB22, -35.047459, 116.881039 Looking at the eastern end of Salmon Camp beach
Salmon Camp beach (east)

PB22, -35.047459, 116.881039 Looking at the western end of Salmon Camp beach
Salmon Camp beach (west)

PB21, -35.047892, 116.871147 The Channels beach
The Channels beach

The Channels can be accessed via a short track from PB18. You can drive all the way round the point to access Salmon Camp beach from here. Taking this route is only practical if prevailing conditions permit this. Salmon Camp beach can be accessed from PB17. The track in is steep with a 180 degree turn at PB22.

The track exits in the mid right hand side of the photo
Looking back at PB31

PB32, -35.055230, 116.905540 A defined track will take you around the rocks mid way along The Gap beach
Track around rocks

PB34, -35.057050, 116.906070 The eastern end of the Gap beach
The eastern end of The Gap beach

The Gap track starts at PB23 and is similar to the Rame Head track. The track will take you to a beach that when conditions allow, you can travel east along the coast and exit via the Soft Beach track. Access to this beach will be greatly affected by the swell and tide.

PB38, -35.057350, 116.912210 Coastal views from the track
Coastal views from the track

PB39, -35.056840, 116.916680
Track conditions

PB44, -35.058176, 116.925017 Looking towards Peaceful Bay from Cape Hope
Looking from Cape Hope

The Soft Beach track starts at PB59 and as the name implies the beach and track are soft. This track will take you out to Point Irwin where a series of sidetracks will take you to a variety of places. The Gropher Holes is accessed via a sidetrack at PB55. Travelling further along you will find Cape Hope, Kingy Rock, Diamond Rock and Castle Rock. This stretch of coastline is extremely dangerous to fish from the rocks.

PB57, -35.048730, 116.928470 Soft Beach
Soft Beach*

PB54, -35.053332, 116.924050 Gropher Bay beach
Gropher Bay beach

PB51, -35.061531, 116.924786 Kingy Rock
Kingy Rock

The Blue Holes lies to the east of Nornalup and within the confines of the Walpole/Nornalup National Park. Officially known as Bellanger Beach it is a great beach for fishing.

BLU12, -35.018350, 116.797080 The descent to the eastern end of the beach
The descent

BLU08, -35.015330, 116.811809 Easy access to the beach
Easy access to the beach

Near the hardstand at the bottom of the descent
Typical terrain

The approach tracks to the beach are excellent with railway sleepers at the difficult hill climbs. The beach is very soft as is the ascent behind BLU13. The bigger 4wds will find it easier to let your tyres down around BLU10. You can access the Nornalup Inlet mouth from BLU16, though this will depend on beach conditions. The beach does carve out big blue holes which is good for fishing but restricts access to the rest of the beach.

BLU12, -35.018350, 116.797080 The descent to the eastern end of the beach
The descent

BLU08, -35.015330, 116.811809 Easy access to the beach
Easy access to the beach

BLU14, -35.017810, 116.789430
Typical terrain

Exit track behind BLU12
Exit track

BLU16, -35.015652, 116.781392
Typical terrain

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