Ninghan Station

  1. Ninghan Map
  2. Ninghan Station is part of the DEC rangelands and is managed by the 3rd generation of the Bell family. In the 1870's the Monks from New Norcia shepherded their sheep in the district, remains of the old stone buildings can be found near the homestead.
  3. Contact: Ninghan Station 08 9963 6517 Caravan Camping Chalets
  4. Nearest service: Paynes Find Caravan Fuel Chalets
  5. Track Length: 225km
  6. Distance from Midland: Ninghan Station homestead 365km
  7. StreetSmart®Travellers Atlas 9th Edition Map: 117 Grid Ref: B 5
  8. Roads and Tracks Western Australia 2005 Map:74 Grid Ref: C 2

The tracks north of the homestead and south of the Great Northern Hwy are nearly all formed roads, consisting of red dust and corragations in spots. The main track east of the homestead takes you to 2 POI's. Namely, Amphitheatre Rocks and Wardagger well. Amphitheatre Rocks lies on the track to the south about 100m before the Billgabarna bore (NI04). Traveling south along this track you will come to the Billgabarna Well (NI05) and the remains of some old sheep yards.

NI03, -29.419650, 117.382696,Track conditions
NI03 Track conditions
NI05, -29.430746, Billgabarna well
NI05 Billgabarna well
NI04, -29.415115, 117.469385,Billgabarna bore
NI04 Billgabarna bore

At the old sheep yards, to the east there lies a track that enables access to Billgabarna Rocks (NI09). You can view Amphitheatre Rocks from here at a distance. The track is overgrown as you get further in and can be hard to define. A good sense of direction or GPS is helpful.

NI07 Old sheep yards -29.440863, 117.467373
NI07 Old sheep yards
NI08, -29.435016, 117.478308,Amphitheatre view
NI08 Amphitheatre view
NI09, -29.438950, 117.471756,Billgaburoa Rocks
NI09 Billgaburoa Rocks

The turnoff to Amphitheatre Rocks lies about 1.3km south of NI07 and is on the left (east) side. It is then a further 1.6km in to the parking area. From here you can hoof it either at the base or along the top for a view of Lake Moore.

NI12, -29.443412, 117.487159 Amphitheatre Rocks
NI12 Amphitheatre Rocks
NI12, -29.443412, 117.487159 Amphitheatre Rocks
NI12, -29.443412, 117.487159 Amphitheatre Rocks
Mt Singleton in the background

The turnoff to Wardagger Stone Well lies about 4km east of Billgabarna bore (NI04). Along this stretch you find a good campsite at the Breakaways (NI20). It is about 2.6km north from the intersection to the well which lies at the base of Wardagger Hill. There are camping areas here and some quieter ones to the west at NI23. Wardagger Well was part of the camel drivers route from Paynes Find to Ninghan Station. Following the winding track east of Wardagger Well will take you out to Barley Well (NI30) and the old out station (NI28)

NI25, -29.389535, 117.506527,Wardagger stone well
NI25 Wardagger stone well
NI28, -29.392539, 117.544983 Barley outcamp
NI28 Barley outcamp
NI30, -29.392316, 117.545967 Barley Well
NI30 Barley Well

Coonigal Well lies close to the base of Mt Singleton and is an excellent camping area with trees and open areas. Following the track S/E from the well across a creek bed the track will head into the low hills allowing views of Lake Moore. Travelling further along this track takes you to Carringabby Well.

NI31, -29.465043, 117.350753 Camping area at Coonigal Well
NI31 Coonigal Well
Mt Singleton
Mt Singleton*
NI33, -29.497795, 117.387133 Lake Moore
NI33 Lake Moore
NI35, -29.522974, 117.413839 Typical track
NI35 Typical track
NI37, -29.534954, 117.431956 Carringabby Well
NI37 Carringabby Well

Mt Singleton can be accessed by the track behind the homestead. The ascent to the top is a very stoney track, steep and a one vehicle width. The views are worth the drive. Some other points are the camping area and rockholes down towards Coolagee Hill. Ninghan Station can be contacted on 08 9963 6517. Camping rates are $7 per night and chalet accomadation is available. Checking in and out at the station is mandoratry and being self suffient is the go as there are no services.

NI38, -29.466154, 117.298933 Mt Singleton
NI38 Lake Moore from Mt Singleton
NI16, -29.457056, 117.576649 Camping area at soak
NI16 Camping area at the soak
NI15, -29.456044, 117.574611 Soak
NI15 The soak

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