Enroute to the Warren River mid 1980'sMy first 4wd was a 81 HJ47 Toyota with about 65 000km on the clock. This was retired to a station up in Coral Bay, still going with nearly 550 000km on the clock. The next was a 96 HZJ 75 with 75 000km under its belt. Saw a few places with that car and sold this with about 330 000km on the clock. Subsequently we aquired a new V8 Landcruiser in 2007. That has 570 000km on the clock at the moment and still going fine.

This type of travel is second nature to me as I was bought up camping, fishing and generally pursuing most outdoor pastimes. My family settled in Perth 167 years ago. My Great Great Grandfather and Tommy Windich tracked and caught Moondyne Joe in 1864 out near Southern Cross. Another Great Uncle was the first to overland 300 head of cattle from Degrey Station to Perth in 1890. You could say it is in the blood.

I have worked in construction for 40 years and a map was just another plan to me, with datums and distance's, the web just provides the different semantics to it all. We have used a lot of software over the years too numerous to list, but our main sources nowadays are: Globalmapper, Oziexplorer, Google Earth, Expert GPS, Androzic.